2000 calories diet sets the Recommended Daily Intake of the nutrients that is considered to be sufficient
to meet the requirements of 97—98% of healthy individuals in every demographic in United States.

Healthy. Efficient for body and budget.

  • Contains all nutrients according
    to USDA 2000 calories diet
  • Packed in a cool bottle —
    just add water, shake and enjoy
  • Made of raw
    and organic ingredients
  • Released in a variety
    of tastes
Try it now!
Can it be mixed with any other food?
You may just have a 100%Breakfast and/or 100%Lunch on the go while going out for dinner. We experimented with shifting from regular food to Space Nutrients and back — no problems with a digestion. No blurbing. No gasses. No problem in the rest room. With alcohol either. But don't put vodka instead of watter ;).
So, what is actually in the bottle?
Flax seeds, Hemp hearts, Organic Sprouted Rice flour, Dextrose + Vitamins and Minerals according to 2000 calorie diet are the basics of 100%FOOD. Then natural flavors added to fit the taste to your choice. Gluten & dairy free.
Does it help to lose weight?
Yes. Lack of certain nutrients causes increased appetite.
100%FOOD helps eating no more, no less and eliminates overeating.
I want to eat like an Astronaut!