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Bland, but good

by T.C. at

Taste is very bland, but is about what I expected. Drank one for breakfast this morning and one for lunch. Not hungry yet, but don't feel overly full. I'm active at 6'2" and 210lbs. Definitely won't be relying on 3(2000 cal) a day - but am looking forward to using for 1-2 meals a day

Losing it...

by YC58 at

If you need to lose weight try the Low Carb powder! It works, trust me. I mix a cup of powder with three cups of 1 % milk in my Nutri-Bullet, two to three times a day (depending on how hungry I am). Drink it right away if you like it thin or put it in a drink bottle and place it in the refrigerator for a couple of hours if you like it thick. The first week was the hardest of all, after that it was a breeze. Fifteen pounds in two weeks and still going! Thank You SNS!


by Reddit at

I work in a lab, so eating lunch is sometimes a waste of time, specially when you have an experiment going on, and you are hungry but there is no time to eat.

I ordered a sample pack, because I was afraid that I was going to have stomach problems and it would be embarrassing since I share an office space!

First, none of them gave me stomach problems, so that was great.

Second, they are all chewy, I couldn't form a liquid milkshake. It was more like a cereal, which for some people that might be a bad thing, but for me that was good, since I like to feel that I am still chewing food.

Third, I like all of them. I was afraid it was going to give me gas, or stomach-ache, like some high protein milkshakes do. But I was just fine!

Without a doubt, I rather have 100%FOOD than any of the fast food options, and my body agrees with me, I feel much better. I will order a monthly supply.

Double protein review

by Chester's blog at

The standard preparation is to add water to the bottle and shake, but I didn’t enjoy it much that way.

However, you can (and should) try different liquids and add-ons – I experimented it with almond milk (good, but too sweet) and yogurt ice cream (too thick), and settled on skimmed milk plus an apple or banana.

This last mix (prepared with half a bottle of 100%FOOD) has a consistency/flavor that is a middle ground between porridge and a milkshake, which I found both tasty and fulfilling.

With the logistics in place, I purchased a larger batch and replaced around four meals a week with 100%FOOD. It felt healthier and I even lost a little weight – nothing earth-shaking, but an added incentive to keep me on it.

Thank you!

by PFM at

I ordered the organic high protein variety. It has exceeded my expectations and I think could be transform my life (as a convenience food and for 'filling in the gaps' between other meals ... I often get hungry!) Thank you!!!

I really like the flavour. I think it's just the right mix of flavour/blandness given how often it's consumed. I don't think I'd like having chocolate or something very sweet as a meal replacement
I also love the texture, I think the thickness/crunchiness is great and feels more like you're consuming food of substance than a 'thin' shake (and made from natural ingredients). I know opinions are mixed on this but I hope even if a smoother version is offered you keep this one!

Another big selling point is the fact that it is organic/natural ingredients. I think you can push this as a huge differentiator over alternatives like soylent.

No gastro-intestinal issues!

I've noticed that I've had a lot more energy/stamina especially for exercising. I've been able to run almost twice as far as I normally do and seem to be sweating less !

Double protein

by Reddit at

Formula: 100%FOOD takes a broader approach, aiming at more than the recommended, but less than the maximum.

I am a runner in training, I like the ability to purchase a product that has the same calorie content, but a higher amount of protein.

Taste: If we're going by flavor immediately out of the box, 100%FOOD would win. It was a much thicker mix, and the flax seeds in it gave it a crunchy texture that was very pleasant.

Packaging: On a perfectly functional level, the jars that 100%FOOD comes with are super convenient to bring with on the go (like I did this morning, running to catch my train).

Customer Service: 100%FOOD responded to me within an hour.

Pros & Cons

by Synestar at

They send it in very nice little bottles – already pre-weighed to individual meals so you only have to add water and shake it.
They don’t even use oil! Fats are instead provided by flax seeds, hemp hearts and soy lecithin
Two flavours: “organic” and “chocolate” .
They ship to EU.

A heap of plastic bottles (as a default packaging option) probably wouldn’t please the environmentalists – but they offer plastic bags as well, so this is only “half a con”.
The complete list of ingredients isn’t the easiest information to find – I only found it after the Spaceman himself pointed them out to me.

P.S. Besides that they constructed own food automat – Wesna (it’s like we live in the future!).

No gluten!

by PFM at

I got my daughter to try the 100%FOOD chocolate last night. Because she's pretty picky, I added skim milk instead of water. She's gluten intolerant, but she opted to try it and let me know.
NO gluten issues.

Nice job!

by PFM at

I want to report that I'm diabetic and being on 100%FOOD I have no insulin spikes in blood.

My response

by PFM at

My own response to replacing breakfast and lunch with 100%FOOD showed an overall drop of cholesterol by 20mg/dl .... about a 10% drop.
I am a retired Physician Assistant in cardiothoracic surgery and although I am a sample 'patient' of one, I am fairly convinced that the change in this particular diet might really be related to the decrease in serum cholesterol.

Organic & Chocolate

by Reddit at

Organic: tasted very sweet. Had it for lunch. I watered it down some more to cut down on the sweetness. Texture was nice and smooth with small chewy parts (flax seeds and sesame seeds?). Didn't mind the chewy bits, they added a neat aspect to the drink. Plus I love sesame seeds and weird textures. Needed to shake before every sip because drink settled. I consumed the entire drink within 15 minutes. It was VERY filling. I wasn't hungry for several hours. It reminded me of a Korean drink called Misugaru.

Chocolate: Same as above, very pleased by the Ghirardelli chocolate powder used.

Consensus: overall I liked 100%FOOD. It was a little sweeter than I thought it would be so I'll have to add way more water to it. Some people may not like the small chewy flax and sesame seeds, but I loved it. I also liked how I did not have to add anything extra to it like cocoa powder, stevia, or oil. The meals come in a bottle I can shove into my backpack (I'm a grad student).

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Questions & Answers

Can it be mixed with any other food?

You may just have a 100%Breakfast and/or 100%Lunch on the go while going out for dinner. We experimented with shifting from regular food to Space Nutrients and back without any problems a digestion.

So, what is actually in the bottle?

Flax seeds, Hemp hearts, Organic Sprouted Rice flour, Dextrose + Vitamins and Minerals according to 2000 calorie diet are the basics of 100%FOOD. Then natural flavors added to fit the taste to your choice. Gluten & dairy free.

Does it help to lose weight?
Yes. Lack of certain nutrients causes increased appetite.
100%FOOD helps eating no more, no less and eliminates overeating.