Introducing BRAIDY:
First sugar-free energy food for the brain with zero harm to the body

Elevate your brain’s performance and don’t let those robots take your job

Introducing BRAIDY
Sugar Free Keto Milk products

Did you know?

Medium chain triglycerides (MCT, type of fat) produce ketones are rapidly broken down into fuel for immediate use by organs and muscles. You can give the energy boost to your brain at the very instant of drinking coffee with Keto milk.

Our recipe for the brain:

  • Purified water
  • MCT oil
  • Milk protein

Delivers comparable results in standard memory and focus tests as sugar cubes.

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Many professions are susceptible to computerization.
The real edge hold those jobs that require manipulation and creativity

Professions that are likely to get computerized:


loan officers




personal financialadvisors


taxi drivers


computer programmers

Intellectually intensive jobs require the brain to stay charged longer, do more, and deliver more creative solutions daily.

Would you like to increase your brain’s performance with food and win the battle with robots?

Order Sugar FREE Keto Milk

Occupying only 2% of our body, our brain consumes 20% of all energy to function properly and to deliver the highly valuable solutions in professional life.

Glucose is the primary source of energy for the brain. We receive it from digesting carbohydrates and proteins.

To perform better, our brain craves for more sugar, towers of sugar… But that affects our body as well.

Are we doomed needing more sugar for the brain?
We discovered a better, sugar FREE solution for your brain.
It works instantly, too.

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Ready to pre-order?

We plan to release BRAIDY in early 2017 and expect the first run to be backordered (as it happened with all our blends). Reserve your spot today. Pre-order now.

How many bottles per day?


cal bottle


hours of energy*


cal bottle


hours of energy

* Recommendations based on FDA 2000 cal Diet.

How many bottles to buy?

If you plan to use 2-3 bottles a week 12 pack is your size. If you plan to use a bottle each working day - order 24.

* Yes, you may combine Milk and Meals.